Monthly Archives: May 2010

First things first

Welcome to the very first post at the First Church blog.  It’s nothing fancy.  Jane and I are still figuring out how to use this thing!  We thank you in advance for your patience. Hopefully we’ll get things looking spiffier soon.

I’ve just returned from a few days up north.  I had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Naniboujou lodge.  As we drove up route 61, I watched the little reception bars on my cell phone get lower and lower… until they finally disappeared altogether and the phone went into permanent “searching” mode.  How appropriate, I thought.  That’s what my time away was–slowing down, turning away from the routine, and putting out my “feelers.”  I breathed in the fresh air and turned off the computer and starting to look around in a new way.

(I won’t lie, though–I’m not totally displeased to be back in civilization, typing away on my laptop and pecking on my iPhone…)

May your summer begin well.