Sermons for August 2010

Free Time

8/22/10; Luke 13:10-17 a sermon preached by Rev. Jane McBride, First Congregational Church of MN, UCC I met Diana in seminary. We Midwesterners affectionately call her “Dianer”, since she speaks with a thick Boston accent, and embodies the stereo-typical Bostonian personality: she’s tough, she’s direct, she lets you know where she stands. Diana is an… Read More

Sermon 8/15/10: What Stress I am Under!

“What Stress I am Under!” Luke 12: 49-56 © Rev. Abigail Henderson.  Preached at First Congregational Church of Minnesota, UCC. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase—“Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.” This description brings to mind the blond, blue-eyed Jesus who populates Western Christian art (see left!).   Thanks to forensic anthropology, we know that the… Read More

Unfailing Treasure

8/8/10; Luke 12: 32-40 Rev. Jane McBride, First Congregational Church of MN, UCC This summer, we have been exploring the practice of keeping Sabbath. Here’s a quick status report… Abby and I have been weaving the theme of Sabbath into our preaching— with a delightful break for Jonah and the Baptists. Some of us have… Read More

Jonah Bushed

Jonah 4 ~ August 1, 2010 Rev. Douglas M. Donley, pastor of University Baptist Church preaching at First Congregational Church We have reached the final of four sermons on the book of Jonah. Who knew it was this complex? Isn’t it just a story about a really hungry fish and a really humble servant? That’s… Read More