Sermons for February 2011

Sermon 2/13/10: “Choose Life”

“Choose Life.”  A sermon by the Rev. Abigail G. Henderson, preached on 2/13/11 at First Congregational Church of Minnesota, UCC. Deut. 30:15-20; Matthew 5:21-26, 33-37; excerpts from “But, If,” a sermon by MLK Jr.  (read here) “Choose life.” When I was in college, I thought I knew what that phrase meant.  I thought it belonged… Read More


Sermon for February 6, 2011; Matthew 5:13-20 Rev. Jane McBride, First Congregational Church of MN, UCC You tube videos pan the quarter million inhabiting Tahir Square. People chant and shout. Utter silence falls as thousands kneel in unison to pray. Those intent on violence invade peaceful demonstrations. Facebook and Twitter hum wildly with excitement and… Read More