Sermons for October 2011


The photo on the cover of your bulletin depicts Dr. King delivering his final sermon, the evening before his assassination. Just as Moses surveyed the promised land from a distant peak, in this sermon, Dr. King imagines taking a sweeping panoramic trip through history. He concludes this thought- journey by saying that if God would… Read More

Holy Gaps

I want to start by talking to the children for a moment. I’m going to tell you about a little boy named Andrew. His story is from a book called Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting. Andrew and his dad don’t have a home. Have you ever been to the airport? Who’s been to the… Read More

Laying Down, And Taking Up

I don’t know about you, but I find change to be a bit scary. Whether that’s starting a new job or moving to a new town. The Exodus was the beginning of many new changes for the Israelites. They left their homes, taking with them only what they could carry. They left Egypt, which is… Read More

A Foretaste of the Feast to Come

This summer, I traveled with our confirmation class and others from First Church to Guatemala to learn and serve. It’s always fun, on such journeys, to encounter each other’s weird habits. I won’t go into everyone else’s… But, my quirk was photographing plates of food before I ate them. I just couldn’t help it –… Read More