Sermons for December 2011

Holy Night

“Why?” is a constant refrain in our house. Our two year old daughter is just in that stage. I’m not even sure she understands the meaning of the question, yet she asks it over and over again. One recent day, exasperated after what seemed like a hundred “whys”, I finally answered with a “why” of… Read More

Tears of Hope

I tasted my first Pomelo in the city of Jericho. We had hiked for several hours beside the wadi qelt, a valley that travels through the Judean desert, descending from Jerusalem down to Jericho. For most of the year, wadis in Israel/ Palestine are dry valleys. When the rainy season comes, they fill suddenly with… Read More

Being A People of Hope

The title of today’s sermon is “Being a People of Hope.”  As I’ve pondered these texts, and read the newspapers, I’ve wondered what it means to be that. Our time is not so different than other times; many despair, many are cynical, some are wildly wealthy while others lose their homes and go without. Our… Read More