Sermons for February 2012

We have only begun

Repentance. How does that word sound in your soul? What memories or feelings does it stir up? Kathleen Norris, in Dakota, explains that her fundamentalist grandmother implanted in her “an unconscious belief in a ‘Monster God’.” “Trust,” she comments, “is something abused children lack and children raised with a Monster God inside them have a… Read More


Eric Carle, children’s author and illustrator, depicts the basic processes of nature with an artistic flair and charming sense of humor. For instance, does anyone know The Very Hungry Caterpillar? The tiny caterpillar hatches from an egg, and immediately starts eating. He begins with a healthy diet of fruit in all the colors of the… Read More

I do choose!

Last Sunday I wasn’t in worship with you. I took the day off to compete in a cross country ski race – the City of Lakes Loppet, held at Theodore Wirth Park, here in Minneapolis. Meaning no offense to all of you, it was lovely. Since it was my first ski race ever I can… Read More

Going Up the Mountain (to Pray)

Have you ever had this experience of running late for an appointment or meeting, and not quite having time to look up the address? You grab your keys and bag, hoping your wallet made it in along with your cell phone and rush out the door. Jumping in your car, you pull out of your… Read More