Sermons for March 2012

The dying that bears fruit

Driving around this week, I caught part of a conversation on Minnesota public radio about end of life planning. At the end of the program, Dr. Craig Bowron, hospitalist at Abbot Northwestern, offered an essay. He said: ”there are two demographic factors that feed into our denial of death. First, our nation’s mass exodus away… Read More

Life Abundant

Who do you belong to? How would you answer that question? You might name your nation. Or perhaps your family. The community of First Church? For most of us, the defining relationships in our lives began with our families and the people who raised us; the people to whom we were born. It’s interesting to… Read More

Provoking Jesus

What is your image of Jesus? A quick internet search reveals a typical Jesus “look” out there in our culture. Long, flowing hair and beard. Gentle, sad eyes. Holding a lamb or hugging a child. Light emanating from behind his figure. But this “nice” Jesus isn’t the real Jesus. It certainly isn’t the Jesus we… Read More

Shouldering Along

I was sitting in a committee hearing room at the state capitol, listening to story after story as the public testifiers filed in and out. The bill under consideration would eliminate public assistance benefits for anyone in the state of Minnesota who has had a drug conviction within the last ten years. It is one… Read More