Sermons for April 2012

Shepherding Community

“God is my shepherd, I shall not want.” “I am the good shepherd.” I imagine that we each respond a bit differently to these familiar metaphors. For some, it is immensely comforting to think of the Creator of the world caring for us so tenderly. For others, perhaps such an idea seems unrealistically and unhelpfully… Read More

Living Storied Lives

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest; a place of evergreen fir trees, moss, rhododendrons, ferns and yes, rain. It seems appropriate, as we recognize and celebrate Earth Day, to start with a story from nature. When I was a kid, my mom worked as a volunteer naturalist at Tryon Creek State Park. She would… Read More

Doubt, Resurrection and the Tipping Point

“Are you going to get the surgery?” “Have you started taking the hormones yet?” “Can I see your scars?” It was my second year of seminary, and a close friend of mine was beginning the long process of transitioning from female to male. Choosing to involve others in his transition, he sent out an email… Read More

Stronger Than Our Fear

“So the women went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them. They said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” I love that this is how Mark chose to end his entire Gospel. It’s true that later scribes have tried to soften this conclusion, mask its abruptness, smooth over… Read More

After the Parade

“Why did people hate Jesus that much?” Christian Educator Carolyn Brown says that’s one of the big questions children ask about Holy Week. Brown explains: “They simply cannot fit the story [about Jesus’ death] with all the others about Jesus being a friend, a healer, and a helper. In one kindergarten class a boy posed… Read More