Sermons for January 2013

Filled with the Power of the Spirit

So, what’d you think of that Billy Collins’ poem this morning? About the perfect spring day…with its warm intermittent breezes, its reference to throwing open all the windows in the house, its image of the sunlit garden bursting with peonies… Did it feel a bit mocking on an icy, cold January morning such as this?… Read More

Many Gifts, One Spirit

Talking with someone in the church – I can’t remember who— we discovered a common experience. At a certain point in our lives, we realized, each of us had seriously thought ourselves, “Oh no, I’m too old to compete in the Olympics!” We laughed, hard, about this. After all, neither of us had displayed that… Read More

Water-washed, Spirit-born

Walking through the woods, I can’t feel any air moving — not the bite of a stinging winter gust, nor the refreshment of a summer breeze. But suddenly, my ears awaken to the sound of the wind high in the tree tops, shaking the branches and twirling the leaves. That particular noise has always prompted… Read More