Sermons for February 2013

Stories of Refuge

I want to keep chickens. I have wanted to do this for some time. I was both excited and a bit jealous when my brother and his wife took the leap – hens, a snappy red hen house, and the daily gift of eggs with the most brilliant orange yolks and rich flavor. Of course,… Read More

Stories of Wilderness

Welcome to the first Sunday of Lent. This is the first step on the journey we began Wednesday night, the start of 40 days of prayer, fasting and penitence that is Lent. It is a journey that leads inexorably toward the cross. And not only the cross, but also the unending joy that is Easter,… Read More

Spirit’s Glory

Anyone here like to make up words? Got any good ones? Let’s hear them. Sometimes, a new experience shifts or expands our whole framework of meaning. Existing words are inadequate to express this transfiguration, this metamorphasis. New words and expressions creep into our language all the time. Each year, some even make it into the… Read More

Spirit’s Challenge

The hometown crowd knew something had happened to Jesus the carpenter, son of Joseph and Mary. Rumors flew around the countryside. At the Jordan river: the dove, the heavenly voice. Then, the long disappearance into the desert. And finally, word of healings and miracles, riveting sermons. Indeed, when Jesus opened his mouth that day in… Read More