Sermons for March 2013

Jesus Stories

In the small village of Cabot, Vermont, where I spent the first three years of my life, the 4th of July parade was a big deal. My mom’s face still gets animated when she reminds me about the year I starred in the parade. My parents’ friends, Arnold and Mary, owned a dairy farm. Their… Read More

Stories of Sacrifice and Abundance

What is the most expensive gift you’ve ever received? Now think of the most precious gift you’ve ever received? Were they the same thing? If not, what made the latter precious to you? In today’s Gospel text, we find ourselves in the midst of a meal among friends. Jesus and his disciples sit in the… Read More

Stories of Growth

In the course of teaching confirmation class, I always ask the students discuss the question of vocation. I use an exercise that begins by asking participants to describe three “dream careers”. These occupations don’t have to be economically feasible. They don’t have to be jobs that anyone actually does – that’s part of the point… Read More

Stories of Homecoming

Calling all visual learners, artists and art lovers! Lets’ begin, today, with some time to consider the image that is printed on your bulletin cover. I’ll walk you through a process kind of like lectio divina, in which we meditate on the words of scripture in a prayerful way. Today, we’ll try visio divina instead… Read More