Sermons for May 2013

How Majestic

In the picture book, Old Turtle, by Douglas Wood, an argument arises about who God is. Each of the creatures and elements of the earth envisions God according to his or her own image. ‘She is a great tree,’ murmured the willow, ‘a part of the world, always growing and always giving.’ ‘You are wrong,’… Read More

Alpha and Omega

Diana Butler Bass, a scholar of religion and culture, writes: “At first glance, Mother’s Day appears a quaint and conservative holiday, a sort of greeting card moment, honoring 1950s values, a historical throw back to old-fashioned notions of hearth and home.” In fact, she explains, President Wilson established this holiday in 1914 in response to… Read More

Radiance Like a Rare Jewel

I’m not a natural when it comes to science and math. One day in college, in my calculus 2 class I woke up (literally) and thought to myself, “nice try but maybe you just aren’t cut out for this.” My brain is a humanities brain, no doubt about it. So this week I consulted the… Read More