Sermons for October 2013


“The things that happen here are so beautiful.” she whispered to me. The spring evening sun bathed Pilgrim Hall with an intimate glow. Quiet music filled the space. At stations around the room, people knelt down to bathe the hands of another: water, then soap, then water again. Finally, a dry towel. It was Maundy… Read More


Let’s begin with a few moments of quiet reflection. On a blank corner of your bulletin somewhere, write or draw 3 things for which you are grateful in the last week. Would anyone like to share a gratitude? Just shout it out. Jason Marsh of the Greater Good Science Center, based at the University of… Read More


When it comes to money and possessions… What were you taught as a child or young person? What values guide your decisions? What are your struggles and goals? Who are your role models? Some here today up grew up in homes in which money was never a worry, while others were raised in an environment… Read More