Sermons for November 2013

Journey through the Church Year

Introduction to the Journey This is the last Sunday of our church year — next Sunday, Advent begins, and with it, a new year.  So, here on the “hinge” of our year, is a good time to pause and consider the big picture of how it flows.  We have stations encircling the sanctuary, one for… Read More

Regeneration through provocation: Detroit, hope, and a new world order

We drove down the street on a blustery day in East Detroit, pulling off to the side of the road to step out into the drizzle and the grey. As we emerged from the shelter of the vehicle, what I could describe seeing are the same tropes many people talk about, when they talk about… Read More

Resurrection, now… and not yet

The movie, As It Is In Heaven, tells the story of Daniel, a brilliant conductor. Daniel lives a stressful, fast-paced life; he’s constantly in demand for performances. After suffering a heart attack while on stage, he moves back to his isolated hometown in Northern Sweden seeking solitude and quiet. Reluctantly, he agrees to lead the… Read More


“Blessed are the poor, the hungry, the weeping and the hated.” To quote one commentator, “Really?”  E. Elizabeth Johnson explains: “To be blessed is to have a special place in God’s heart, not merely to be happy.” (Feasting on the Word, Year C, Vol 4, p. 239) Jesus’ strange, upside down kind of blessing. promises… Read More