Sermons for December 2013

Birth Happens

Grace and peace to you all on this Christmas night. Please pray with me. O Holy Child, surprise us again with good news of great joy! Speak to us and to our world the Word we most need to hear this night. Amen. A dying man drew labored, raspy breaths. Sweat spread across his pillow…. Read More


I had an interesting experience this past week. I worked with Dan Nejfelt from the organization Faith in Public Life, based in Washington, DC, to write a commentary for the Star Tribune. The tagline of Faith in Public Life is “Real Faith, Real Progress: advancing faith as a powerful force for justice, compassion and the… Read More

Just Listen

Listen. Gather, Listen. Speak. Act. Hearing is an ability of the ears. Listening is an art of the soul. It is no small claim to say that, as a church, we listen. It is a rare and powerful spiritual act, to listen. Just listen. This winter and spring, we will be training a group of… Read More

Come, Gather

Umm… does anyone know what all these garden tools are doing here? They’re kind of in the way of everything. Hmm… I wonder if Brad is thinking of building another raised bed garden… here in the sanctuary. I’m sure it wasn’t Aaron; he’s always so neat and tidy! Cynthia are these supposed to be creative… Read More