Sermons for March 2014

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

Here’s my favorite part of this long story from the Gospel of John: The man who was blind since birth has been given his sight, been mis-identified by his neighbors, had his parents interrogated, been questioned twice by the religious officials at the temple, and told his story three times. Those religious officials have just… Read More

Holy Water, Holy Thirst

Being thirsty is a thing I don’t often think about in my everyday life. There is usually a glass of water or a drinking fountain close at hand to meet my need… almost before I become aware that there is a need. The constant, easy presence of water almost everywhere I go separates me in… Read More

How Can These Things Be?

            My friend Jeanne teaches third grade in a public school. Over dinner the other night, she admitted that, as a good Lutheran, she teaches her students about grace. “I don’t do it as a religious thing,” she explained, “I just think it’s a concept they need in their lives.” She told us about a… Read More

“Opportunity or Temptation?”

Parker Palmer is a sociologist, author, and keen observer of the human condition. He is also a Quaker, so when he had an important personal decision to make, he convened a “clearness committee.” (He tells this story on himself in his book Let Your Life Speak, pp 44-45.) A clearness committee is a group of… Read More

Be Dazzled

Recently our family spent a week in the desert, near Joshua Tree National Park, in California. Of course, it was warm and sunny. And yes, we could fling open the doors of the house to welcome the sun and breezes. The kids ran in and out of the house freely. We ate lots of fresh… Read More