Sermons for June 2014

Waking up the Shepherd

I used to have about the same relationship to the 23rd Psalm as I had to the 1994 Honda Accord that I owned. That car lasted 14 years, went 265,000 miles, survived the Northfield hailstorm of 2005, and never broke down. I respected it; I appreciated it. I did not really love it. So it… Read More

Does Father Know Best?

I wish I had said no. When Jane, our principal minister, e-mailed to ask if I could preach on June 15, I wish I had said no. But no, I said, of course, yes, I can preach on the 15th. Then I looked up this date in the calendar. That’s when I wished I had… Read More

Varieties of Gifts

We are a Pentecost Church. The United Church of Christ is a Pentecost Church. Please listen for the linguistically subtle but enormously important theological and ecclesiological difference: we are a Pentecost Church, not a Pentecostal Church. Pentecostalism is a worldwide and growing movement within Christianity that emphasizes a direct personal experience of God through the… Read More