Sermons for July 2014

I’ve Known Rivers

During our month of shared worship between First Church and University Baptist, we are focusing on environmental stewardship. Our sermon series specifically explores the elements. Today is water. As I considered today’s theme, a poem caught my attention:The Negro Speaks of Rivers, by Langston Hughes. “I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the world… Read More

Blazing But Not Consumed

I’ve been reading Wild, Cheryl Strayed’s memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Here is how it begins:   The trees were tall, but I was taller, standing above them on a steep mountain slope in northern California. Moments before, I’d removed my hiking boots and the left one had fallen into those trees, first… Read More


Welcome to the first of four services focusing on environmental stewardship. We are looking at the elements in these services. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. All of these need to be preserved and celebrated as God’s creative activity in the world. Summer is when I like to be out in the fresh air. I like… Read More