Sermons for August 2014

A Life-Giving Cross?

              I’ve learned many enduring lessons from being a parent.One of them came to me during the time I was gone from First Church on family leave this spring and summer.My spouse Jen and I are both pastors, so Sundays are normally working days in our house.Bernadette, our Sunday nanny, meets our children at… Read More

The Bible in Two Sundays: Part 2

            Today before we begin our Bible tour, Aaron and I will address a couple of the questions we received from you last week. In the UCC, we take pride in honoring questions in and of themselves. We don’t see faith as an answer, but a journey. And we respect the journey of each person,… Read More

An introduction to ‘The Bible in 2 Sundays’: Week 1, Creation—Judges and Kings

            I love the Bible. This love is certainly not uncomplicated. For every wonderful and fascinating passage, there is another one that makes me cringe with its sexism or violence or bad theology. And there are lots and lots of just plain boring and weird parts. I found this out when I read the book… Read More

“Take Heart”

One wintry day during my seminary years, I trudged to class with my friend Elizabeth. “Are you okay?” she asked. Her question rattled me, because I realized she could see my inner turmoil. The summer before, I had fallen in love, with Jen. Then she left for Zimbabwe for six months. Our communication was limited:… Read More

You Give Them Something to Eat

I admit, I’ll a bit obsessed with The Netflix show Orange is the New Black. The show is set in a women’s prison.It’s part exaggerated satire and part serious social commentary. Gradually, we learn about the lives of the women before they entered prison.Today, I’m thinking about Taystee, a young African American woman who spent… Read More