Sermons for October 2014

Vigorous Vision

            Today’s passage from Deuteronomy marks the end of an epic story. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy: these five books make up the Pentateuch, the core narrative of Judaism. Jewish congregations read through these books every year, beginning with Creation and ending with this account of the death of Moses. It’s a bittersweet moment. After… Read More

Doing Faith

            It’s hard NOT to hear the reports about Ebola. Driving here and there with the radio on, grief and horror overcomes me as I contemplate the isolation and alienation of the sick and dying. Imagine being so ill and not being able to hug and hold your loved ones. Imagine being cared for by… Read More

Generous Trust

What is your image of God? Who or what is God for you?How do you describe God?Let’s take a few quiet minutes to reflect on that.What is your image of God? Who or what is God for you? How do you describe God?Are there two or three people who could share your thoughts with the… Read More

Letter and Spirit

            Thank you, Bill Lindberg and Gary Burns, for bringing the faces and voices of Barbara and Mae into our worship this morning. I am grateful to Mae and Barbara for your love, faithfulness and generosity toward First church over so many, many years. When I go to see our elders, including these two and… Read More