Sermons for November 2014

A People Made Ready

              Would you to find a pencil or pen and a blank corner of your bulletin? Look around now and choose something here, in this sanctuary, to sketch. It doesn’t matter if you’re a terrible artist or a great one. Just focus on something that catches your eye, and, begin to make a sketch…. Read More

Shall We Be Thankful?

When I was growing up, my mom always said the same thing as we sat down to eat as a family. Instead of, “Let’s pray,” or “Let’s say grace,” she always asked, “Shall we be thankful?” Then we would join hands and my mom or dad would offer grace. The thing about this was that… Read More

Keep Watch

I held on tightly to the sideboards of our boat as we raced across the waters of Lake Atitlan toward the village of San Lucas. Our group of confirmands, mentors, and parents had spent the day touring the villages on the coast of Guatemala’s largest, deepest lake. Our mode of transportation, understandably, was a small… Read More