Sermons for April 2015

Joy, Disbelief, and Wonder

Under the glow of the early fall moonlight, our confirmands, mentors, and parents, gathered in a circle. It was our fall retreat at the Audubon Center in Sandstone, a time spent together, away from the busy-ness of our lives in the city, to connect with one another and with God, in the beauty of the… Read More

There Are No Words

            One of my rituals on the Saturday before Easter is to go and get the rose petals we use for our early service at the Stone Arch Bridge. Red, pink, white, orangy-yellow… they smell deliciously sweet against the spring mud, the ice-cold water, the tender tree buds. We raise our hands above the railings… Read More

Good Friday Opening Reflection and Gathering Prayer

Welcome to our Good Friday worship. Tonight, we enter into the story of Jesus’ last hours. This is both a particular story about a particular person in history, and a universal story about our human condition. Our service tonight will include a series of paintings by Barnett Newman. This work is titled: The Stations of… Read More