Sermons for September 2015


One day last winter, I was driving our shiny, red, new-to-us Prius, in the middle of a snowstorm. The traffic jammed up on the interstate, so I decided to get off and take the streets. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed nothing. I turned the wheel to the right, to move over into the… Read More

Downside-Up Kingdom

This summer, a friend and I stopped by our favorite bar, The Bulldog, for a beer after a long day. It was a weekday and early in the evening so there weren’t many people in the small, dimly lit room and we found a seat at the bar easily. Halfway through our first beer, a… Read More

Let Go

In an essay titled “Holding Each Other Loosely,” Peter Marty tells the story of his wife Susan’s recovery from a brain aneurysm. He writes: I use “my Susan,” a phrase of affection, with great reservation these days. I love her dearly and count 31 years of marriage as my stroke of luck. But our journey… Read More

Be Opened

            What do you most love to listen to? Let’s hear some of your responses; shout them out! I love to listen to the sound of the wind in the trees. I love to listen to the voices of my children talking to themselves. The ability to hear, and hear well, is amazing. It’s something… Read More