Sermons for May 2016

Healing Faith

I remember the rose-colored sandstone enclosing us on all sides as we walked through a deep narrow gorge. And I recall the astounding sight that met us at the end of the path: the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, with temples and tombs, amphitheaters and everyday dwellings, all carved into the face of the rock… Read More

Upon All

How have you encountered God this week? What did you see, feel, or hear that suggested God was near, God was at work? I am going to pause and leave a bit of silence for us to think this over. Then, I’d love to hear a sentence or two from you. How have you encountered… Read More

Holy Moments

Aaron: there are a few holy moments I’m remembering today. The night hike without flashlights was supposed to be a silent, prayerful walk in the woods, an invitation to enter in to sacred darkness. But the group broke apart and people got lost. Someone, stumbling over a tree root, let out a shriek, and we… Read More

You Will Be My Witnesses

In my final semester of seminary, I took a class on photography and ethics. One of our assignments was to watch the documentary “Born into Brothels” about children growing up in the Red-Light District of Calcutta, India. Impoverished, under-educated, and living in a neighborhood where prostitution and violence are everyday realities, a small group of… Read More


Growing up, I was a shy, serious kid who was completely oblivious to popular music and culture. This history of mine has a profound impact on me still; I regret my ignorance pretty much every day. I do a lot of nodding and smiling and hoping people don’t realize I have no idea what they… Read More