Sermons for September 2016

“Hope Eternal”

During my childhood, hanging on the kitchen wall just above where my dad always sat at the dinner table, was a picture that my grandmother had long before stitched and given to her youngest son. It was a special picture not just because it had been a gift from her to him, and not just… Read More

Reclaiming Eve

Let me ask you a question about the story I just told you. In a word or phrase, what would you say you’ve thought, over the years, that it’s about? And how have you, personally, felt about this story? Is its message one that is positive or negative for you? Would you give it a… Read More

Creation as Sanctuary

Reading Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac as a twenty-something year-old college student, a deep sadness crept over me. This book articulated a grief I already knew in my bones, a feeling that came not so much from my own limited life experience but from the collective wisdom of our ancestors. Similarly, I’ve felt a… Read More

The Gains of Discipleship

The invitation came as a complete surprise. Would your group like to have dinner at Chona’s house tomorrow evening? She’s having all the Minnesota volunteers over for a fiesta.” I went to our group to sound them out. “What do you think?” I asked. The adults were enthusiastic; many of them fondly remembered Chona from… Read More