Sermons for October 2016

Reconciling Struggle

My younger brother John tells me that I was quite a mean big sister. He claims that in our early childhood years, I was always beating up on him. For instance, he says, I would hold him down on the ground and rub his face in the snow. I, of course, have a different very… Read More

Holy Land

On a glorious fall day recently, Jen, Alice and I set out on a walk at Fort Snelling State Park. We felt drawn to explore an island that lies at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. We walked by the edge of the Mississippi for a couple miles. Suddenly, the path plunged beneath… Read More

“Climate Change”

One morning last week, I was eating breakfast with our two girls. During the brief moment of peace that happens as we all much hungrily on our peanut butter toast, I unfolded the paper to take peek at the day’s news. A young woman with black eyes, rosy cheeks, long braids and strong shoulders smiled… Read More