Sermons for December 2016

Christmas Eve Reflection

Methodist minister Geoffrey Ainger wrote a Christmas song as part of a drama he composed for his youth group. In the play, Mary and Joe arrive in London on the subway and the baby is born in a room above a gas station, borrowed for a few hours. Here’s the first verse of the song:… Read More

God Is on the Way

During Advent we wait for God, who is on the way. We wait, but we are not passive. It is essential that we prepare to receive the gifts of God—the birth of a child, the restoration of creation. There is a story about preparation I’d like to share. I asked a couple of friends to… Read More

What God Are We Waiting For?

  Whenever I have the option, in these settings I will almost always choose to talk about Paul’s letters, the Pauline Epistles. In January, I will be talking with you about a present-day Epistle. But for today, Paul’s writings bring with them wisdom and practical life counsel wrapped in beautiful prose and, more often than… Read More