Sermons for January 2017

Blessed Are Who?

In just about every wedding sermon I give, there is a moment when I urge the couple to turn around. Typically, they are standing with hands joined, facing each other. I usually have to say it more than once. Really, I mean it: turn around. Take a look, a good long look, at this beloved… Read More

Called Toward Dawn

Though pastors often preach about the Christian concept of calling, or vocation, most members of congregations don’t feel called. That’s what Professor David Lose and his colleagues found when they surveyed churches. Lose theorizes that this disconnect happens because we so often link calling with what people do for paid work. He points out that… Read More

At the River

This week, Robert Marchand set a world record for cycling 14 miles in an hour — at the age of 105. I was intrigued, so I read more about Marchand. Born in France, in 1911, he survived two world wars. He held many jobs in his life. He was a firefighter, a truck driver in… Read More