Sermons for February 2017

Glitter and Ashes

I have to confess that one of the reasons I accepted Jane’s invitation to preach this morning is because I love anointing people with glitter. Yes, glitter. I first anointed people with glitter as part of a children’s message about the strange story that Jean just read for us. As you heard, Jesus climbed a… Read More

Making Space

Ted was my one of my grade school enemies. I was shy, awkward, and serious. I didn’t know how to stick up for myself. Ted, along with several other boys, enjoyed tormenting me. One day, our teacher was distracted, fiddling with a faulty projector. Ted saw his opportunity. “Who farted?” he blurted out in a… Read More

Get Closer

There is much in the sacred texts that Milo read to us today that resonates deeply within me, each of which are deserving of sermons unto themselves: choice; seeing; fire; life; death; infants; path; growth… With limited time, any guesses as to which one we will be talking about the most this morning? I will… Read More

Give Light to All the House

I love to walk in the dark without a flashlight. I took up this practice while working at Wilderness Canoe Base, at the edge of the Boundary Waters. For the community there, it’s part of the culture, a point of pride, to learn to navigate the rocky, steep paths by instinct as much as by… Read More