Sermons for June 2017


The sermon, the service feels a bit like a crazy quilt, so I brought one made by some ancestor of mine—the date on it is 1912—105 years ago. I hope all will make sense at some point. The music we started out with may have seemed a crazy way to start. It felt appropriate given… Read More

And God Saw It Was Good

A new church started in a downtown area. They wanted to impress others with their fancy building so they spent a lot of money on a grand building. But then immigrants began to move in. They were low class—not the church’s kind of people. So the church moved further south and built a new, fancier… Read More

The Deep End

There is one word in this homily that you may not wish young children to hear, I will raise my hand just before I say it. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is a 1,000-bed, Level-1 trauma center in the heart of downtown Chicago. It sits on the Magnificent Mile, one of the priciest city shopping districts. It… Read More