Sermons for October 2017

A Way out of No Way

It’s probably not news to many of you that I have a terrible sense of direction. When I guided canoe trips in the Boundary Waters, finding my way was a major challenge. With the canoe bobbing in the waves, I would scan the landscape and study the map. Given the rambling shorelines and numerous islands,… Read More

A Spiritual House

When I work with couples preparing for marriage, one of the things we always talk about is… money. In the curriculum I use, there is an exercise called “The Meaning of Money.” Each partner responds to a list of statements on a spectrum from strongly agree to strongly disagree. “I look up to people who… Read More

Angel of Death

There is a story about a Chinese woman whose only son has died. She goes to see the Holy Man in her village and she begs him, “What can I do to bring my son back? What prayers can I pray, what sacrifices can I make?” The Holy Man sends her to get a mustard… Read More


This week, I’ve been aware of trauma inhabiting my body and spirit. The events in Las Vegas have left me feeling heartbroken. My thoughts have been fragmented and unfocused. I’ve felt disoriented, overwhelmed and numb. I’m struggling to make sense of what is so senseless. The truth is, this world we live in breaks our… Read More