Sermons for August 2018

Taste and See

One morning, while in Guatemala, we set out on a pre-breakfast hike. We met our guide, Moises, at 6 a.m., at the gate of our hotel. As we headed through the streets to the far side of town, all was quiet except for the crowing of roosters and the barking of stray dogs. The good… Read More

Discernment Analytics

As a volunteer in the Minnesota Conference of the UCC, I chair a committee with the unwieldy title, “Discernment and Preparation for Authorized Ministry,” lovingly referred to by its members as DPAM. We work with people who are seeking ordination in the United Church of Christ, and the framework we use is (you guessed it)… Read More

Bread That Is More Than Bread

Last week, our family of four returned from a road trip vacation. We logged more than 3,000 miles in our little red Prius. We visited eleven states, plus Ontario and Quebec. We camped for nine nights, pleasantly lacking in mosquitos and mostly dry (only one real deluge). We laid eyes on all five Great Lakes… Read More