Sermons for December 2018

Silent Night, Holy Night

Was the organ broken? Had mice chewed the bellows? Or perhaps flooding had ruined the whole instrument? There are many legends about what prompted the composition of Silent Night, which turns two hundred years old tonight. What we know for sure is that as Christmas Eve approached, Joseph Mohr, a parish priest in a small… Read More

What Should We Do?

  This sermon is inspired by Dr. Ted Jennings, Professor Emiritus at Chicago Theological Seminary, Michel Beth Dinkler, Assistant Professor of New Testament at Yale Divinity School, and my friend, Bill Ayers, former Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and co-founder of the Weather Underground. If you were granted the power to make one… Read More


Ruminating over today’s scripture texts, I am drawn to two images: the “righteous branch” in Jeremiah and, in Luke, the sprouting leaves of the fig tree. In Jeremiah, the armies of Babylon were marching toward Jerusalem. Within a short time, the streets of the city would be filled with blood. Those who survived the brutal… Read More