Sermons for January 2019

My Journey of Faith and Gender

I am honored that Pastor Jane invited me to offer this sermon here at my home church. During Epiphany season, we are exploring how we might experience the presence of God in our community, and this year we are using the image of the threshold as a special place of focus. Today I wish to… Read More

“Spiritual Gifts”

This sermon is inspired by Michael Sahfi, a writer with The Guardian; N. Graham Standish, a clergy spiritual director; poet Mary Oliver; and blogger, author and Pastor, John Pavlovitz, whom I had the pleasure of hearing speak last night at Plymouth Congregational Church.             John Allen Chau was a dedicated Christian steeped in missionary work…. Read More

When You Pass through the Waters

When I saw the photo on the bulletin cover, which someone sent in response to our “thresholds” theme, I laughed out loud. It captures one of our doorways here at the church. “Use other door,” the sign says. I don’t know what the person who took the photo was thinking. Here’s what this submission made… Read More

Overwhelmed with Joy

I hesitate to admit this, but I’m not really a dog person. I’ve never had a dog as part of my household so I don’t quite know how to act around them. I get grossed out when they lick my hands and annoyed when they jump on me. Felix, a schnoodle, belongs to my brother’s… Read More