Sermons for July 2019


Our family loves the musical “A Year with Frog and Toad” based on a series of stories by Arnold Lobel. Frog is tall, green and easy-going. Toad is short, brown and more of a worrier. The story begins in the late winter. Frog and Toad, who are still hibernating, visit each other’s dreams. Once they… Read More


How many of you have ever had a reoccurring dream? If you have, take just a moment to recall it. What do you remember? How does that dream make you feel? I have two reoccurring dreams. One causes me anxiety to the extent that while I’m in the midst of the dream, I am aware… Read More


Let me start out by saying what a delight it is to be here amongst the good people of First Congregational Church. I always look forward to the ways that we support and challenge each other as Christians seeking to be helpful and productive in this world. May I also say that I am very… Read More