Sermons for October 2019

Don’t Cut Your Losses

In our house, there’s an exchange that happens a couple of times a day. One of the children says, or I say, “where is my [fill in the blank]?” The missing item might be keys or shoes, that scrap of paper with the shopping list. It might be someone’s swim googles, their mittens, or the… Read More

The Heart Matters

I’m pondering today’s parable alongside the story Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. There’s a copy in the back on the kids’ table if anyone wants to follow along. The pictures are great! It begins like this: On a cold afternoon, in a cold little town, where everywhere you looked was either the… Read More

At God’s Table

One of the first things I noticed about you, Daniel, is that you are always setting a table. Getting out coffee and tea and all the fixings. Putting together a nice little spread from the church freezer. Bringing gourmet donuts, to-die-for pastries from Alma, or coveted Colorado peaches to a meeting. This impulse to show… Read More