Sermons for December 2019

Blessed Are You Who Bear the Light

Jesus was born long ago and Jesus is born today. This is a mystery and tonight we enter this mystery. We are this mystery. I discovered Sarah Bessey when a friend posted her reflection, “Why Everything You Know About the Nativity Is Probably Wrong.” On her website, Bessey describes herself as “Writer, sometimes preacher, recovering… Read More

A Song for Fearful Hearts

I’ve been watching the Mississippi River freeze. A channel of open water winds a curvy black path through the middle of solid, snow-covered ice. At least by my house, the river did not stop its motion without a fight. The ice is piled up in jagged peaks and rough sheets that are wild even in… Read More

Expect to Be Surprised

Water knows the way. Water and gravity. Water and sand. Water and frigid weather.  Water and subterranean heat. Water and soft rock. Water knows the way. My appreciation for the wisdom of water grew this fall when Jean, her mother Barb, and I visited National Parks out west.  We drove through Arizona and Utah, Wyoming… Read More