Sermons for March 2020

Be Still. Be Well.

“Be still.” Jesus said, “Be well.” With these simple words, spoken to a person and a community experiencing illness, I hear a summons to find healing in the act of being fully present. When we intentionally practice pausing– noticing, letting what is, be—we deepen our own capacity to be present at any time and place…. Read More


The woman at the well asked great questions. This one is my favorite: “Sir, you have no bucket, and the well is deep. Where do you get that living water?” Imagine, peering helplessly into the shimmering depths of cool water that’s out of your reach. Dampness drips from the stones of the well taunting your… Read More

Born from Above

Spanish photographer Xavi Bou began observing the flight patterns of birds as a child on long walks with his grandfather. Bou wondered what it would look like if birds left tracks in the sky. He set out to map their movements, to make “visible the invisible.” To create the images, Bou tried holding the camera… Read More