Sermons for July 2020

Too Deep for Words

Well, our family survived (I mean enjoyed!) another summer camping trip. The photo on the bulletin cover is from Port Crescent State Park in Michigan. The previous day, the water had been wind-tossed and white-capped. Now, in the early morning light and shadows, tiny quiet waves lapped at the shore. I noticed the raised lines… Read More

Sarx and Soma

  The title of my sermon is “Sarx and Soma.” I’ll bet I know what you’re thinking: the poor old fella has finally slipped off the rails. He means to talk about sex but he’s forgotten how to spell it. And what’s with Soma? Is he going to lecture us about psychosomatic medicine? I surely… Read More

Angels and Devils on My Shoulders

I grew up in the 1950s watching cartoons on TV. They were not educational, they were not edifying, they were not character building—but they were often funny. I particularly remember Sylvester the cat chasing Tweety bird (or maybe it was Tom the cat chasing Jerry the mouse). Every time he was tempted to do something… Read More