Sermons for November 2020

Could the World Be About to Turn?

Judgement. It’s not a popular idea. However, I think we need it. In fact, I believe judgement is a gift that comes to us particularly in the season of Advent. Judgement calls us to sit with the heartbreak of the world—to listen and turn, to repent and turn, to turn and imagine. A dear friend… Read More

Will You Love the “You” You Hide?

  Tony McDade, 38, was killed by police in Tallahassee, Florida, on May 27. McDade’s murder—two days after George Floyd’s—sparked outcry from advocacy groups and became a rallying cry for the protection of Black trans lives. Helle Jae O’Regan, 20, was proud of her trans identity. On Trans Day of Visibility in March, she posted… Read More

Release to the Captives

In today’s video, [1] Candace Montgomery of Black Visions Collective calls for the abolition of policing. For those who call themselves “abolitionists” there is a fundamental, fatal flaw in the system of policing. Yes, there are good people within the police force, and yes, there are many who seek to reform the work of policing… Read More

Do You Want to Be Made Well?

   On election day, I lit a candle at the kitchen table. I kept the flame burning all day long, until the polls closed. The first candle melted down into a heap of wax, so I lit another one. When it was time for art projects and active games, I moved the flame to the… Read More