Sermons for December 2020

Christmas for Elders

In the fall of 2006, my colleague Rev. Nancy Swanson was serving as interim pastor at a church in St. Paul. The church had many older members, and very few young families. In fact, there were not enough children in the congregation to stage even a very simple Christmas pageant. And the people were feeling… Read More

You Are with Us, O God, in Darkness and in Light

Those little waving fingers in the nativity video belonged to our daughter, Alice. It might appear she was greeting the baby Jesus. I can tell you that’s not what was going on. She was doing a very natural thing for a seven-year-old—trying to turn attention onto her polished red nails. This was, I assure you,… Read More


I notice that, as a congregation, we’re ambivalent about the ancient Christian practice of testimony. We’re reluctant to speak publicly about our faith. We’re allergic to fervor and fanaticism. We don’t want to be viewed as pushing Jesus on anyone. We want no part of the versions of Christianity that our ancestors used to exploit,… Read More

Good News in the Place of Struggle

“In the wilderness, prepare . . .” We modern-day people live with the noise of highways and the glare of light pollution. Leaves and trash choke our storm drain and oil pipelines leak into our rivers. We long for the sound of the wind in the trees, for the sacred darkness of starry nights, for… Read More