Sermons for May 2021

Magical Creatures

Alice and I are reading the Harry Potter series aloud. We’re just starting Book 5. The magical creatures that fill the wizarding world are a diverse crowd. Some creatures are extremely deadly, like the basilisk. Looking into the eyes of this huge green serpent brings instant death. The Boggart is a shapeshifter that takes the… Read More

Life in Liminal Seasons

We moved into a new house last week. My mom scrubbed everything –the insides of cupboards, the fridge and the stove, the sinks and the showers. Jen’s mom (the handiest person I know) crafted all kinds of improvements—new shelves and a set of drawers, hooks and spice racks, and undercounter lights. The dads mowed and… Read More

Stayed on Jesus

“Mom” my daughter asked, “how do you spell crumb?” “C-r-u-m-b,” I responded. Later I picked up the note she was working on. It was signed “crumb, Alice.” “What does this mean, honey, ‘crumb, Alice?’” “Not crumb! From! From, Alice!” She shouted. I tried to explain that I had made a mistake, that I had misheard…. Read More