Sermons for December 2021

Snake at the Manger

Peace is the message of this night. Yes, peace—peace for this omicron-infected Christmas Eve; peace amid the news of Kimberly Potter’s conviction and our lament and rage, our repentance and our hope that we might end violence against black and brown bodies; peace for an evening held within an unprecedented December that brought tornadoes to… Read More

Mother Mary Comes to Me

  The scene in the Gospel of Luke of two expectant mothers who meet to support each other is filled with remarkable poignancy. Both women are experiencing their first pregnancies. Each expectant mother needs and seeks comfort and support from the other in the unusual circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. Elizabeth is elderly and (we are… Read More

There’s a Voice

Last week we talked about the fact that Advent is a time of waiting. Not waiting like tuning out and doing nothing. Waiting that involves preparing. Getting ready. So, kids, what do and your families do to prepare for Christmas? Do you light Advent candles? Get a Christmas tree, set up a manger scene, make… Read More