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Daily Advent Reflection – December 2

Slow down, slow down

It’s moving much too fast

I was rushing from one errand to the next.

In and out of the car hurrying from one stop to the next.

I can’t live in this moment

This song popped up on my car stereo.  It made me stop and listen.

How many times have I told myself, slow down?  This time of year it’s almost constant, slow down, slow down.

It’s not really an Advent hymn, but it’s an Advent message.

Slow down, slow down

It’s too fast

Live in this moment

What’s missed as we hurry about this time of year?  I know it’s all-important and necessary, at least my entire list always is.  I just wonder  what I don’t notice, who I don’t meet, or what mess I create in my rush to do it all.

Slow down, slow down

Yeah, it’s too fast

Loving this moment

That’s the best chorus.

I just need to take time to sing it more often.

Heart-Shaped Box

I have a heart-shaped wooden box on my dresser.  Every evening I empty the change from my pocket into the box.  This is a habit that my father taught me.  He would do this every evening too.  “My savings account,” he would say. “Little things,” he’d start to say as he’d shake the coins in his pocket, “do add up.”   He was so dedicated to this practice that during his day he wouldn’t spend the coins in his pocket.  He’d take out bills to pay for every thing.  If it cost $1.26, he would take out two ones instead of using the coins in his pocket.  “More savings,” he’d teach.

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