Congrats, David!

This past Tuesday, at the Rondo Community Library in Saint Paul, David Gilbert-Pederson was recognized at the Twin Cities Gray Panther celebration of founder Maggie Kuhn’s birthday anniversary for his work on social justice issues.

During the celebration, TCGP’s saluted and recognized three notable social activists: David Gilbert-Pederson, Tom Sengupta, Katherine Kwong along with the organization Women Against Military Madness (WAMM).

About 50 persons attended from throughout the Twin Cities. First Church member Jane Seeley presented the award to David, and Trevor Hausske attended and said a few words about David’s community leadership.

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2 Responses to Congrats, David!

  1. Kathleen Remund says:

    Congratulations, David! I’m so impressed with the work you’re doing. I hope you’ll remember that “I knew you when…” :-)

    And congratulations to Ann, Dan, and the village of First Church for providing the setting where David has been able to grow and flourish.


    Kathleen Remund

  2. Betty H. Clark says:

    Congratulations, David. It is wonderful to see you continuing your work in the social justice and political world – you serve as a reminder to all of us that one person can do important things for our world if we are willing to try. It is an honor to know you. Betty Clark