Daily Advent Reflection for Dec. 11 (late!)

I must confess that I neglected my reflections during yesterday’s snowy excitement… or should I say panic.  Panic because, last night, we had to move our cars for the snow emergency plows to come through, and let’s just say… it was epic.  Our neighbor Eddie finally hitched up our cars to his truck and managed to drag us the few feet necessary to turn around and park… on the other side of the street.  We’ll have to do it again tonight.

We were all yelling and huffing and puffing and sweating and shivering.  There was a moment, however, when all activity ceased.  My comrades went inside to warm themselves.  I stayed out, determined to do more shoveling.   I looked out at the empty park, the empty streets, the silvery light, and I had to admit that this icy wet substance causing me so much trouble was, in fact, very beautiful.  It forced the whole world into a state of sacred hush.

“Silent night/ Holy Night / All is calm, all is quiet….”

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One Response to Daily Advent Reflection for Dec. 11 (late!)

  1. Maggie George says:

    We too have commented on the forced slowing down which this blizzard commanded. We can’t stop ourselves so we must be stopped another way. What a blessing.
    And, yes, I too am aware that for us it is a mear snow storm but for too many it is life and limb threatening. Really.