Daily Advent Reflection for Dec. 6

The Baptist shouts on Jordan’s shore, the earth shakes with a mighty roar, Awake, let lazy sleep now flee: behold the voice of prophesy! (The Baptist Shouts on Jordan’s Shore, v. 1, NCH 115)

John the Baptist was a wild kind of guy.  If he were to wander our streets today, we’d dismiss him as a “crazy person.”  As powerful as this image may be, I like to remember that, like Jesus, John enters our story as a baby… well, actually in utero!  As you remember, John leaps for joy in his mother Elizabeth’s womb when she comes in contact with her cousin Mary, newly pregnant with Jesus.

It was a popular Renaissance motif to depict John and Jesus as babies together.  It is so crucial to the Christmas story that power begins here:  with tiny, beautiful, vulnerable babies.

Sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci of Anne, Mary, Jesus, and John

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