Daily Advent Reflection for Dec. 7

“All I want for Christmas is yoooouuuuuuuuu.”

OK, I admit this isn’t a verse from a hymn.  It’s the refrain from a popular Christmas song by r&b artist Mariah Carey, and I’m hearing it on the radio all the time.  As a result, it’s in my head all the time as well.

Mariah Carey’s song may not be a classic carol, but it is reminding me of the power of music in this season.  Every time I hear it, I know that Christmas is coming.  I think the song first came out when I was in junior high school, when my idea of Christmas mostly involved presents and cookies.  My concept of Christmas has changed quite a bit (less presents, equal amounts of cookies, and a lot more spirit).  But this song still makes me irrationally happy and excited.  My music preferences have also changed, but I guess sometimes memory is more powerful than taste.

What are your inescapable Christmas tunes (if you dare admit to them)?

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