Election Day Blues (and Reds)

I know lots of First Churchers voted on Tuesday.  Some of you folks even voted at the church itself, as it is a long-time polling place for this neighborhood. There was a sense of excitement as people flowed through our doors.

Like many of you, I was dismayed to wake up this morning and read the news that there would be an automatic recount in the Minnesota gubernatorial race.  I immediately flashed back not only to our recent prolonged battle for the Senate, but even further to the 2000 presidential election, which happened to be my first experience voting.   I will never forget what a sad, disillusioning experience it was to watch the post-election chaos unfold.  Recounts, scandals, voters disenfranchised, abuses of power… I was 19 years old.  My already-limited confidence in the government was destroyed.  I hope that the recount here in Minnesota goes smoothly and with as much integrity as possible… but I worry.

As I’ve grown older, I struggle with feelings of cynicism about our democratic process.  From my ministerial point of view, I see that this struggle is, in fact, a matter of faith.  I must find ways to choose connection over disconnection, community over estrangement, hope over despair.  The biblical stories we read every Sunday were forged in a context of exile and oppression.  Although ancient Israel is a very different place than modern-day America, I pray that we can live out our spiritual heritage–which includes perseverance, humility, and faith in the ever-present possibility of change.  May it be so!

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One Response to Election Day Blues (and Reds)

  1. Marilyn says:

    I think since 2000 our entire political process has been tainted. It doesn’t seem to matter that lies are allowed or insinuations are made to seem real. In my blue world I have become so depressed over the lack of interest in our citizens in taking care of those that need most care and listening to the selfish, greed driven responses, particularly from the youngest of adults, that I have basically given up. I laugh and say we will simply move to Canada if it gets too bad, but a part of me believes that to be the best of solutions. And the most frustrating of all are those that call themselves Christians but in no way reflect the teachings of Jesus. Those that kill to stop abortions; who want automatic rifles and handguns to support personal freedom over civil welfare…. it goes on in an unending spiral of more selfishness and greed. Will there be no end………….?