Guatemala, here we come!

Our group of 13 departs at daybreak tomorrow morning!  We will be visiting the San Lucas Mission on the shores of Lake Atitlan.  (pictured above).   The core of our group is this year’s confirmation class – it’s a tradition for the youth to go as part of their confirmation experience.

Though the church has a long-standing connection with the Mission, this is my first visit. Last night, over supper, I sat down to read the journal from a previous trip.  What a neat glimpse into the small everyday moments and impressions that make up such a powerful journey.    The journal told tales of shopping in the vibrant markets, helping with reforestation projects, crushing rocks, learning to make wooden spoons, striking out on an early morning hike, attending a mayan ritual, and playing soccer.  Amongst the scribbled scores of card games and the sketches of the mountains and village were reflections about the simple goodness of community life in San Lucas;  about the pollution that accompanies the incredible beauty of the mountains and the lake;  about hunger among animals and hunger among people.

The materials from the mission emphasize the fact that we are going to Guatemala primarily to learn, not to help.  I am feeling incredibly lucky to get to learn from this experience and witness the processing and growing that takes place for all of us along the way.  Please check back with the blog starting on Saturday, as members of our group take turns posting their daily reflections.

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2 Responses to Guatemala, here we come!

  1. Cynthia Hendricks says:

    I’m thinking of all of you as the trip gets underway! I’ve been watching the clock this morning (they’re in Houston, they’re in Guatemala City, they’re on the road to SLT) and hoping travel is uneventful. I’m keeping you in my prayers and am so delighted you’ll soon be among some of the kindest, most interesting people I’ve known. Hello to Toribio, Chona and others.


    • janemcbride says:

      Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Cynthia! We will be sure to pass on your greetings.